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It’s a weird life but it’s where I’m at right now.

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This is going to be my favourite Jon Hamm role since 30 Rock.

Archer 2x09 “Placebo Effect”

Archer: I dunno, Krieger, maybe it’s just because I’m a badass, but chemotherapy? It’s kind of a breeze.
Krieger: Yeah, that’s my point. Two weeks of chemo with no hair loss and you’re not experiencing any nausea?
Archer: Nao, graças a doobie medicinal. Which, I gotta tell ya—huge fan.
Krieger: Oh, yeah?
Archer: And I advocate its use. As a potential role model, I advocate it.
Krieger: To combat chemotherapy-related nausea? Or for cannibidiol’s clinically-proven ability to inhibit cancer cell growth?
Archer: It does that?