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#god bless all vampires every night

[user avatar] kimjongnamlookingatthing:

In 2011, you released the song "Damn These Vampires", yet just a year later, you released "Steal Smoked Fish" which contains the line "God bless all vampires every night". What's your current stance re: vampires?

[user avatar] johndarnielle:

The “Steal Smoked Fish” line is a reference to “Damn These Vampires” line, I’d think. The latter, earlier song is an exaggerated, romantic picture of the people in the song. The former, latter song is a clear-eyed view of the same people. There are no actual vampires. 

“There are no actual vampires.”

[album cover] “Steal Smoked Fish (Alternate Take)”
The Mountain Goats
Transcendental Youth [Bonus Tracks]



Steal Smoked Fish (Alternate Take) - the Mountain Goats

This take hurts.

Where did this come from and why is my face wet.