The faint creaking of cardboard and wires.



You never forget your first… OTP.

Oh, the miserable hours of adolescence I spent happily daydreaming about them.  And handwriting fanfic about them getting trapped in caves together and stuff.  

(Also let’s not forget that this is all in Beverly’s head, and even then she knows he’d believe her.  Just that simply.)

This might be my favourite TNG episode. It’s a fantastic detective story (I’ve probably got a thesis in me about how 90’s-era Trek was as much a detective show as it was SF), it’s a Dr. Crusher detective story, she and Picard look at each other like that, it’s creepy as all fuck, and it has one of my very favourite pieces of dialogue in all of Star Trek:

Dr. Crusher: Here’s a question you shouldn’t be able to answer. Computer, what is the nature of the universe?
Computer: The universe is a spheroid region 705 metres in diameter.

In closing, "Remember Me" is on Netflix and I guess I’m not going to bed yet.

Why didn’t you ever tell me you were in love with me?

Never not reblogging these two.

—Human nature, Data.
—Human nature, sir?
—We feel a loss more intensely when it’s a friend.

My original OTP.

Sir Patrick Stewart & Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek: The Next Generation, season 2 Blu Ray gag reel)

I don’t know what you did tonight, but I watched Sir Patrick Stewart kiss Jonathan Frakes on the mouth.