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5 Best Free Movie Apps to Stream and Download

movie apps

Are you in search of best movies app that allows you to online streaming or downloading? Then this tutorial brings you top apps for streaming shows for your Android and iOS devices. Many apps allow you to stream shows search via web directory. Below is the list of some amazing Android and iOS apps to stream movies and shows online by Wi-Fi or mobile network.

Many online streaming apps are misleading as they inject malware on your phone. They ask for the permissions for normal functioning. Even you might have noticed many pop-ups that ask you to download certain apps for better cellular performance.

Always download apps via Google Play Store, Apple Store or Amazon Store i.e. from a reliable source. When you download apps through any unknown provider they contain malicious and harmful threats for your phone/PC. They seek your personal information without your concern that is the breach of the privacy policy. Therefore, it is recommended to look for trusted and genuine servers. Change the permission setting so that you can block or neglect permissions from unknown sources.

These are the 5 top apps for streaming shows that allows you to watch movies including comedy, drama, thriller, suspense, horror, romantic, Sci-Fi, etc. on your mobile or tablet. It has something for everyone, so don’t wait and get the best.

Sony Crackle:

The best thing about Sony Crackle is it supports every device imaginable like mobile devices, smart TV shows, streaming players, gaming and regular web browser, isn’t that great.

The user interface is simple and convenient. Hence you can stream videos online smoothly. There is an option to log in but it isn’t necessary if you wish you can.


  • Free account with data storage capacity
  • Instant loading
  • Supports high-resolution movies
  • User-friendly
  • Large library in partnership with Sony productions


  • Lots of movies to choose from
  • Works on ample devices
  • Movies have captions (easy to understand)
  • Signing in is optional


  • Disturbing ads in every movie

Vudu App:

Vudu can be achieved in a premium version but if you are agreed to watch movies with advertisement you can stream it online for free.

To watch movies on Vudu, go to the “Free page” at the bottom and browse “Free Movies with Ads” label. It has thousands of movies to choose from. A popular and specific genre stated makes it easy to interpret.

You can check Free Vudu movies online website and then search them on the Vudu app for easy selected pick.


  • Chrome cast Support
  • Short Ads
  • Free registration
  • Thousand plus movies


  • High-quality movies
  • New movies are updated every week
  • Searching movies are easy as compared to other apps


  • Free movies are removed
  • Ads are there in every free movie
  • Does not support many devices


Popcornflix is another free movie app that allows you to watch free TV shows and cinema online.

The main page showcases a lot of movies options with genres. You can scroll through the page or type the name in the search bar for quick access. Movies are categorized in many sections like new arrival, popular, Popcornflix originals, etc. You can add them in the queue without signing in.


  • N number of movies
  • Simple design
  • Easy to use interface
  • Legal and safe


  • Ads are shorter
  • Has different kids entertainment section including movies and shows
  • Popular movies
  • TV shows segment division has a lot of options


  • Multitude player options get in the mid of movie play


Are you familiar with the desktop version of Tubi app?  Then let me tell you that the mobile version is quite similar plus highly optimized and super easy to use.

The top page of the app has alike featured films titles when you scroll through it different genre movies are showcased.

Search tools are equipped for quick search and the genres so mentioned is big enough to understand about the picture without hitting the icon.

When you pick a movie it drives you to the description page that contains all information about a movie like a date, star cast, release, duration, genre, and rating.


  • High-quality videos streaming
  • No malware and security threats
  • Supports Xbox, Roku, Chromecast and smart TVs
  • Legally quick downloading


  • Log in or watch as guest
  • Every movie is free of cost
  • Find movies easily via a search bar


  • Multiple short ads during the movie
  • Some movies can only be watched through selected devices in the US and Canada


The last but not the least on the list is SnagFilms which is free and accessible on multiple devices. It let us share films on social media platforms and has a simple interface.

It has over 5000 movie catalog that holds movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and African language. It offers a special catalog of adrenaline rush films, thrilling, and horror. It also has special gay and lesbian movies, international award-winning films and much more.


  • LGBT based movies
  • Action, Comedy, Thrilling etc all under one roof
  • High rated documentaries


  • Quality movies with high resolution
  • Movies are categorized under interesting genres
  • Lesser ads


  • Older films are more in the list
  • No filtering and sorting option

The Bottom Line:

All the apps let you explore HD quality movies with subtitle support. The apps are candid and provide you rich contents. They are all legal and surely worth a try.

If you are experiencing any downloading issues with any particular app let us know. Your valuable suggestions and thoughts are welcome to improve us.

Have a good day!

4 Best Video Games Remakes of All Time

The last of us
the last of us

Change is inevitable as it brings improvement and sophistication. Remaking of games basically aims to fix any flaws and upgrade the games to being more classic and have attractive graphics. These old video game shaves have finally received the much-needed HD paint jobs, giving you an opportunity to play titles that were never there. However, not all remakes are worth your time, and some games titles were excavated and remade poorly to entice nostalgic fans into spending. Below are some of the best video games remakes that are guaranteed to give you a fulfilling experience:

• The Last of Us

This has been one of the most enjoyable games for the past generation and when a rerelease was issued many welcomed it with open arms. Remaking ofThe Last of Us maintained all aspects that made the original great, and it included features to make it even better. This new version has excellent PS3 visuals that look and play better than the original. Most of the original game plays are unaltered; it has a new photo mode that allows the player to take captivating action captions of Ellie or Joel.

Saving the best detail for last, this game offers the perfect example of how a standalone single player story should be done. Using the last of us: Left Behind DLC and hopefully the sequel this video game has made a new record.

• Resident Evil HD Remade

The remaking of this game has made it more accessible to new fans. The original game was more of a nightmare defining survival horrors. It now has upgraded background textures, remastered audio, widescreen support, and attractive lighting effects. The original atmosphere and feel of the video are maintained, and at the same time, the sense of dread and horror is heightened. For some historical thrill you need to play this video game.

• Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

Remaking of FireRed and LeafGreen allowed the younger generation to venture into pokemons stories and for the older fans, they had reason to revisit Kanto one more time. This game was made way off better the sound and environment were all altered to bring about a better version. It has over 300 creatures and three different regions that can be explored, and pokemon had to revisit its older universes. Nintendo has made it a tradition to remake some of the past pokemon games. The original story is always retained while adding new areas and wireless battling to keep the experience fresh. So far FireRed and LeafGreen have impressed its audience, so we hope for more.

• Grim Fandango

The remade video game has insightful developer diaries and a director’s commentary that offers unique information to newer and older fans. The original version had many critics, but this changed when the remastered version was issued out. The new version captivated lots of fans into the land of the dead. The original art style and excellent gameplay are all kept intact with some visual upgrades. This upgrade has catered for everyone’s needs including the audiophiles by having excellent jazzy music with re-orchestrated soundtracks.

The list of best video remakes is endless, but as my title promised this is the four remakes you should start enjoying.

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